Miraz is a project created in order to produce culturel and musical elements. It is a project that tries to express the differences and commonalities between language, beliefs and culture in Mesopotamia with art. Miraz which has meanings like core secret and miracle leads the crew members efforts of culturel recognition and interpretation. Hakan Gürbüz (bass guitar, vocals), Erdi Arslan (saxophone, duduk, zurna), Tarık Çalışkan (bağlama, lute) and İbrahim Odak (electric guitar) joined Miraz after the founders and performers Fırat Alkış (tembur, vocal, daf), Fuat Alkış (tembur, vocal, daf) and Burcu Yankın (percussions, vocal). Seven people who continue this journey also has a daf ensemble within the organization, From time to time, the daf ensemble plays a part in albums and concerts.

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