Dúlamán – Voice of The Celts

Dúlamán is a spectacular production bringing a truly new experience of Irish culture to the audience. Led by four incredibly talented vocalists – Kevin Fagan, Aaron Doyle, Tom Moran & Gavin Ryan, along with a group of the most talented Irish musicians and dancers that Ireland has to offer.

“…the most exciting Irish dance show since Riverdance.” Ireland-Calling

Dúlamán literally translates to Seaweed and shares its name with the Irish song made famous by Irish legends Clannad and Enya on their album of the same name. Dúlamán – Voice of The Celts takes the torch from previous artists and productions and truly merges song and dance. Carving a wild and rugged image of Ireland and the Celtic people. Irish passion in it’s rawest form set in the form of a stage show.

“It does not get any better, I liked it very, very much” Dieter Bohlen (Modern Talking)

The song itself relates to the ancient Irish practice of gathering seaweed dating from a time when seaweed was a valuable defense against famine. Setting the pace for the show. Dúlamán is a powerful rollercoaster of emotion that promises adrenaline of the wild Atlantic whilst seducing the softness of the celts and beauty of song in the poet’s soul.

“…set to take Canada and America by storm.”  IrishCentral.com

Dúlamán is produced by Seán McCarthy, choreographed by Jacintha Sharpe and with music by Conal Early. The show itself is a 90-minute extravaganza of Irish music, song and dance. Described as a cross between Celtic Woman and Riverdance the show joins the best of both genres to bring out the best of Irish.

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“Time after time, Dúlamán combined fast-paced music, spectacular tap dance and drama into a huge show that hit like dynamite and carried away the audience.” Wolfenbuetteler-Zeitung

“They take songs from their homeland and interpret them in a modern way so that it sounds fresh and completely rediscovers the musical tradition of the green island.” Eseltreiber.de

“Irish revue at the highest musical and dance level.” Westfallen-Blatt

“A highly innovative new show” ICE Germany

“Irish Flair in Hildesheim….beautiful costumes, exquisite lighting effects and folkloristic sounds from Uilleann pipe to terrific fast-paced violins.” Hildesheimer-Allgemeine

“Beautiful and Captivating” Wetzlar Neue Zeitung

“Skilled vocals, dance and a gifted live band provide an enjoyable and beautiful result.” LokalKompass Germany

“Dúlamán take the viewer on a fascinating journey through the culture and history of Ireland. With folkloric sounds and a powerful choreography, the multi-headed dance ensemble communicates with the musicians of the formation the wild untamed passion of Ireland.” PNP.de

“It was undoubtedly one of the TV moments of the year 2017″ StadtPost Austria 

“If voices simply enchant, Dúlamán enchanted fans in Dresden” Mei Dresden

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