Celtic Legends

Celtic Legends brings you 100% live traditional Irish dance, music and song. Celebrating over 10 adventurous years of touring worldwide.

Born in the wild unspoilt lands of Connemara, Ireland back in 2001, created by a small team of young talents from Galway with a huge reputation for their contribution to Irish music and dance.

The music is traditional at its raw and unique base uniting some of Irelands most loved national instruments, the fiddle driving frenetic reels, the Bodhran beating out the driving rhythms of the band, the plaintive Uilleann pipes calling back with beautiful and haunting slow airs. Not forgetting those slow and moving ballads sung like a whisper on the wind.

The dancers take the stage with brilliant flashes of speed. All of our dancers have performed from an early age winning many world championships and have toured with shows like Riverdance and Lord of the Dance.

Irish dance has enjoyed a spectacular revival in recent years with the aforementioned Irish shows however Celtic Legends is not just another Irish dance show it is a true atmosphere and Irish culture experience with a tiny bit of bling and 100% live.

Celtic legends prides itself in respecting core traditions of Irish music & dance culture with a team of talented and highly respected musicians & dancers, who give a truly harmonised performance. The production is reviewed and renewed on a regular basis (you’ll probably never see the same show twice). The production team have also established a reputation of suppleness to meet the needs & demands of each client and each venue worldwide, adapting the show both in size and content.

Currently Touring. Booking Directly at – info@celticlegends.co.uk

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February 12th – Brussels – Belgium

February 13th – Liege – Belgium

February 14th – Mons – Belgium

February 15th – Louvain la Neuve – Belgium

February 16th – Comines- Belgium

February 17th – Brussels – Belgium

February 20th – Yverdon – Switzerland

February 21st – Geneve – Switzerland

February 22nd – Bienne – Switzerland

February 23rd – Bern – Switzerland

February 24th – St Maurice – Switzerland

February 26th – Rouen – France

February 27th – Caen – France

February 28th – Brest – France


March 1st – Rennes – France

March 2nd – Nantes – France

March 3rd – Nantes – France

March 5th – Bourges – France

March 6th – Orleans – France

March 7th – Lille – France

March 8th – Saint Omer – France

March 9th – Chalons en Champagne – France

March 10th – Thionville – France

March 12th – Strasbourg – France

March 13th – Nancy – France

March 14th – Douai – France

March 15th – Paris – France

March 16th – Paris – France

March 17th – Paris – France

March 19th – Clermont – France

March 20th – St Etienne – France

March 21st – Grenoble – France

March 22nd – Lyon – France

March 23rd – Roanne – France

March 24th – Aurillac – France

March 26th – Pau – France

March 27th – Bordeaux – France

March 28th – Limoges – France

March 29th – Angers – France

March 30th – Angouleme – France


April 2nd – Nice – France

April 3rd – Marseille – France

April 4th – Toulouse – France

April 5th – Montelimar – France

April 6th – Besancon – France

April 7th – Bourg en Bresse – France

April 9th – Dijon – France

April 10th – Annecy – France

April 11th – Montpellier – France

April 12th – Chateauneuf sur Isere – France