Heron Valley

Heron Valley are an energetic, young traditional band from Scotland who have serious enthusiasm for the music they play. Their roots lie in Scottish and Irish traditional music, while taking influence from various Folk, Country and Bluegrass styles. The six-piece, energy fuelled group comprises fiddle player/accordionist Alex Mackechnie, banjo player/drummer Nick Hamilton, guitarist/piper/whistle player Euan McNab, pianist Arlene Mackechnie, guitarist/vocalist Abigail Pryde and bassist Callum Cronin.

Since their inception in 2011, Heron Valley have always ensured that they are conveying the highest amount of energy they have to every crowd they play to, ensuring that people who come to see them live have a fantastic experience. In 2015, they set themselves the challenge of releasing a music video and a debut single, to allow people to clearly see their intentions. This began with their set of tunes, Pressed for Time, and their original idea of filming out on open water on a yacht. The storyline took the band from performing out on this moving boat, to their journey to and performance at a gig. The idea of this was to convey to their audience the enjoyment people have when they come to see them live. This was extremely well received and racked up 85K views, with people all over the world purchasing the single. A year later, they released their second single ‘Home’ along with an extremely diverse music video. This time, they set off at 4AM to climb up Beinn an Lochainn, a hill in the west coast of Scotland. The video sees this journey from bottom to top and shows them playing on cliff edges in the area they all grew up. This gathered an incredible 173K views, and was shared over 2,000 times.

Due to this success, Heron Valley then quickly made a massive impact on the folk scene in Scotland, and 2016 seen them on their tour of 11 Festival stages over the UK. Johnny Walley at Folk Music Radio was ‘particularly impressed by the structure of their set, building up the energy incrementally in a series of waves, taking the audience along with them every step of the way.’ With the unbelievable reaction they received at these gigs, and the demand for more recordings of their music, Heron Valley are now anticipating a pre Summer launch of their exciting new album. This features 8 brand new tracks of self-penned songs and lively sets of tunes, many of which were played on their 2016 tour.

Heron Valley also pride themselves in being extremely efficient with social media, an area in which they are extremely active. 2017 has seen the dawn of the ‘vlog’ for the band, which has went down incredibly well with their online audience. This gives people an insight into their lives within the band, and provides the opportunity for people to connect with them on a personal level.

With an amazing 2016 behind them, their album just round the corner and a Summer of festivals ahead, Heron Valley are extremely excited to see what the future holds for them.

Booking Now for 2017/2018 – Worldwide

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22nd Apr 2017 – Mull Music Festival, Tobermory – UK


5th May 2017 – Gig in the Goil, Lochgoilhead – UK

26th May 2017 – Islay Whisky Festival, Bowmore – UK


3rd Jun 2017 – Fynefest, Cairndow – UK

10th Jun 2017 – Eden Festival, Moffat – UK

17th Jun 2017 – Killin Music Festival, Killin – UK

18th Jun 2017 – Markie Dans Music Festival, Oban – UK

22nd Jun 2017 – Folkest – ITALY

23rd Jun 2017 – Folkest – ITALY

24th Jun 2017 – Folkest – ITALY

25th Jun 2017 – Triskell International Celtic Festival, Trieste – ITALY


6th Jul 2017 – Celtica Festival, Valle d’Aosta – ITALY

7th Jul 2017 – Celtica Festival, Valle d’Aosta – ITALY

8th Jul 2017 – Celtica Festival, Valle d’Aosta – ITALY

14th Jul 2017 – Tiree Music Festival, Isle of Tiree – UK

28th Jul 2017 – Butefest, Isle of Bute – UK


3rd Aug 2017 – Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, Beauly – UK

18th Aug 2017 – Mull of Kintyre Music Festival, Taynuilt – UK

25th Aug 2017 – Gig at the Gathering, Dunoon – UK

26th Aug 2017 2017 – Cowal Games, Dunoon – UK


9th Sep 2017 – Best of the West Festival, Inveraray – UK

17th Sep 2017 – Tarbert Music Festival, Tarbert – UK



16th Mar 2018 – Friends of Celtic Culture, State Theatre, Bay City, MI – USA

20th Mar 2018 – Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival, Evanston, WY – USA

21st Mar 2018 –Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival, Evanston, WY – USA

22nd Mar 2018 –Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival, Evanston, WY – USA

23rd Mar 2018 – Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival, Evanston, WY – USA

24th Mar 2018 – Ceili at the Roundhouse Celtic Festival, Evanston, WY – USA

28th Mar 2018 – Westcliffe, CO – USA